True Friend

You're always there to make me laugh
You're there when I start to cry
You always know just what to say
Even more when I want to die
Sometimes you are annoying
We get on each others nerves
But in the end I always think
You are more than I deserve
You tell me I look beautiful
That always makes me glad
You tell me I look horrible
I laugh, I don't get mad
You held my hair when I got drunk
In that miserable bathroom stall
You held my hand hand and walked with me
To ensure I did not fall
This poem is for you my True Friend
My only partner in crime
And one day I hope that I can be
Around you all the time
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So I poofed

And now I am kind of back. I just needed a break from E-Drama. A very long effing break. Hopefully this means I will be more active. ;)

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I need to stop neglecting my poor poor LJ. Things are going well in my world right now. I am very much so looking forward to Katsucon as the days go by. It makes me very giddy with anticipation as well as with fear. It's a natural response I have that implicates that EVERYTHING will go wrong. I hate it. And it quite possibly will go wrong. That's all that is really happening in my life. XDD!